Additional Services
      At Car Titles Express, we work with Banks and Finance Companies nationwide serving their vehicle titling needs. We are now offering these same services to the public. We work with Bureau of Motor Vehicles in all 50 states. With auto owners selling over 2 million vehicles each year to individuals through the internet, individuals need help with car titling and paperwork. We know about D.M.V. titles because we work with The Department of Motor Vehicles on a daily basis. We know what they need to process a vehicle sale and title. We hope you will find our services of great value.

We also provide the following services and for your Automotive, RV, Boat or ATV titles...

We provide Title Assistance for those who are Buying or Selling a Car, RV, Boat, or ATV.

Repossession Titles

Repossession titles can be tricky can help with your Repossession Titles.

Duplicate Title

If your title is Lost or Mutilated can help you obtain a new one.

Corrected Titles

Mistakes on your title can depreciate your vehicles value
We can help to fix mistakes that have been made previously in a vehicles titling history.

Title Transfers

Mistakes transferring a title can cause delays.  We can help make title transfers easy and efficient.

Plates and Registration

We stand in line so that you don't have to.
We can help with Estate Titles, Lien Searches, Owner Searches,and More.

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